Tuesday, January 13, 2009

farewell cornwell
tim is not only a good photoographer, but also artist
curtisy of tim
the doubleesona making use of the balls
tim skating the ledge with no ledge in sight
pickles also skating the ledge
bibby wasnt to happy when we found him
bibby was playing hide and seek....by himselfpickles took custody of the camera for this shot
gnarly as
about to get gnarly
matt about to get gnarly
setting up
j hill 
sona sitting
get outa the way bibby
tim filming a line at the spot
frame grab
bibby  fell off the fencewe all climbed through the hole, but bibby opted for the fence option
cornwell gaining acces followed by matt
sona and tim getting their stuff from the boot
fuck you bibby
leaving the drain spot. i dont knwo why this is transforming into a link. dont bother clicking it
poormans mapstone
board watch
the drain
bibby is fond of photos, just not of himself