Sunday, July 27, 2008

jamesty dropped us off at box hill to take the train home, and we spotted a car very close to the rail, nice parking
50 on the way out
mike mo filming a line
switch bigspin heel switch varial heel, no land due to washed up reasons

oh hi
alba was still hungry after lunch, so he purchased some lolllies
nicks phone broke walking to the car
in the car with kevrads arm
out of the car


the weather sucked today
not long now treadmark nick eating nuggets photo
ronson lambert wtf

furby wtf

Monday, July 21, 2008


meeting at city park at 12 is a regular occurance, but iv never seen this freshlord
jamesty and cornwellz

cornwell was there
so was aaron c
sona was there aswell
and leigh rabl....and his rubix cube
and luke
a red bull car pulled up behind us and told us to pull over
so we did
oh hi
um she demanded a photo with us

alba was late so we picked him up on the way, well at fed square at least
"so much for meeting at 12 alba, your an hour late"
" yeah but some smackie jumed infront of my train"

finaly on the road, mike mo was allready full handing himself

welcome to geelong
"its a fucking zebra"

arriving at the bank $3 T shirts are good
line filmin jeff lonngggg noseblunt

mikemo line

arriving at corio mcdonalds, furby pulling up his pants looking fresh
large 6 nugget meal for nick please
chums jamesty and alba
his favourite
furby pop shuv, teh gutter had a fight with his ankle on roll away, the gutter won
furby ollie